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Hospitality tours

2017August 5, 2008

Hello. This is the pedal House.

In the summer, Rin Beach Rinku and ion is abuzz. Yummy peninsula software with Japanese grapefruit and fresh-squeezed juice soda, deep taste in addition to summer vacation memories!

Hospitality tour now, we have been working has become lots.

And yukata kimono

Photo 仏体 experience at the temple, etc.
Want to thank make a lot of memories of "Japan" to overseas customers, our enthusiastic staff. Of course you can enjoy visiting Japan.

Join hospitality tour guests have little souvenirs. One of them is the origami Shuriken! Origami would be to hand a long time reminds me of when I was a kid.
Such staff were origami Satan.

2It is a folded sheet of origami deer!

Staff are also masters of origami(*^^)v origami request is OK.
We come forward.
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