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Utsunomiya criterium, BIWASE CUP

2016March 24, 2008

Hello everyone!
I'm Miho Yoshikawa.

The national team participated in the 9-day stage race BIWASE CUP held in Vietnam from March 8 to March 16.
The result is the overall victory of the Japanese team, and teammate Kanako wins the overall championship!

I was able to win the third stage, third place in the mountains and MsBIWASE.
It was our first tour with the members, and we often clashed, but we talked many times and we were able to build a relationship of trust with each other, so I feel that we were able to protect the leaders and the overall team.

In order to participate in the Utsunomiya Criterium on the 20th, he returned to Tochigi in the early morning of the 18th and went to his teammate's house. The jersey to be worn this season has arrived from Pearl Izumi, and all teammates have a group photo!

From left: Miho Yoshikawa, Chisako Needletani, Anna Ito

It's a jersey I've thought was cool since I first saw it, so I'm happy to be able to run with this jersey on.
18On the 19th, I had a relaxing time and had a massage, and now, the opening race of the domestic business group race Utsunomiya Criterium.
A total of 13,000 people came to the venue, and it was very lively because it was a team's home race, and we were able to challenge the race with a sense of tension.

Photo(c):Tatsuya.Sakamoto/STUDIO NOUTIS

LiveGARDEN, the main sponsors of the team who rushed to support us.

As a result, yoshikawa won the championship, Needle valley was second, and Ito was 18th, and I feel that we were able to finish the opening match with a good result as a team.

Photo(c):Tatsuya.Sakamoto/STUDIO NOUTIS

Photo:Kensaku Sakai

Photo(c):Tatsuya.Sakamoto/STUDIO NOUTIS

Photo:Kensaku Sakai
I also won the J Feminine Leader Jersey!

This weekend, March 27th, the criterium will be held in Misaki-cho, Osaka Prefecture, my yoshikawa town.
All the players are scheduled to participate, so thank you for your support.?!

We also send out race reports on facebook and Twitter, so please take a look if you like.
Twitter→ (@MihoYoshikawa_J)

Miho Yoshikawa
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