Pedal House"Are we offer a dining guide to cycling trails of the Chita peninsula, consumption, etc..
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Bicycle rental

Bike rental reservation

♦Spring Sunny Hotel Nagoya Tokoname (open all year)
Bicycles handled: 5 GIANT cross bikes
0569361600Tel: 0569-36-1600

Rental price list

* All prices are tax included.

Bicycle parking considerations
* Make sure your read.

♦ Please note
-★ for vehicle marked with safety helmet mandates we will
-Bike rental for the pedal of replacement is is possible on your own your own take should replace
-Please note that excessive speed
-Helmets must be in the correct form wear please (pimp tight and after)
-Brake how to make (握rimashou lever firmly with both hands)
→ will lock the front wheel and hit the front brake (lever on the right side) only, such as "somersault" high falling accident caused 10-Please note

♦ insurance information
We recommend that the accident of my insurance
(Better is one day car rental in particular consider subscribing)
And you can easily purchase insurance are dealing with mobile phone company
* To join the ID of each carrier is required

Introduction of special bikes

♦ Electric assisted bicycle "epovelo(Epovero)』
[Here is a special air-assisted]
Began to manufacture of motor-assisted bicycles in new Daiei Motor Co. based in Handa, Aichi Prefecture, production of stamping sheet metal parts for industrial vehicles has more than 50 years, released in 2010.
Delicate Japanese companies, Japan's world famous chromoly frame delivers the lightness of body weight 16.5 kg in not only the design attention to mobility, to use the pipe wall thickness of 0.5 mm.
Parts exterior of Shimano 10-speed and road surface resistance less sport tires, such as selecting the first improved as bike riding.
In addition to "assist" their power during acceleration and Hill, Pottering around ever more to fun stuff.

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