Pedal House"Are we offer a dining guide to cycling trails of the Chita peninsula, consumption, etc..
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2017May 12, 2016 : Known for its Friday
Weekly Friday training day!
Pedal House is currently only on weekends(Holiday season is open(*^-^*))The business is.
So, for the weekend to pick up your Friday firm has prepared.
The pedal House [Peninsula ice cream]???
This preparation is very important! The freshest ingredients have been delivered in one morning, set the machine!
"I'm ~ and! Ready for today('-')Isuzu from tomorrow, delicious ice cream I will deliver. "
To tell the truth in me, like a big soft serve ice cream. If you go on a trip always will it land soft ice cream.
I was shocked this [Peninsula ice cream] is not a compliment, it is delicious than anywhere else!
In staff-(*^-^*)And pleased with stealthily.

Soft serve ice cream is eaten this weekend is worried about the weather. Yoroshiku(*^^)v
2017May 7, 2010 : Tour de Aichi
Pedal House from cyclists to present!
You "tour de Aichi" what do you know?
In the cycling event sponsored by the Aichi Prefectural Cycling Association, runs the annual stage 10 special two-stage course outside of Aichi Prefecture.
Award tickets can join at discounted prices to its cycling handed in pedal House!
Started riding road bikes, to try a little bit long distance! Hill climb challenge! Lake Biwa with a bunch of mates like running! Everyone has such riders try to join this opportunity to come.
A ticket number is limited.
Also, can deliver tickets to the peninsula, had purchased something customers will be limited.
Tour de AI's. for more information, please see the Aichi-Ken Cycling Association website!

2017April 30, 2010 : Spring also pedal House

It's started, Golden Week!?
2017April 8, 2016 : ☆ ☆ insta began
Hello! This is the pedal House.
Today, tomorrow's Tokoname City Centre Spring Festival!
There are brave float seen only during the Festival.
Please come to the tourist.

We are selling a refreshing soda popular soft serve ice cream, and fresh sweet summer fresh-squeezed juice in the Chita peninsula.
In April, pedal House membership card showing his/her customers we offer special pricing on ice cream.
Take this opportunity to come enjoy!

☆ ☆ instagram is started.

2016年11月29日 : The guests of the last season?