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Latest Announcements

2017September 18, 2010 : Typhoon 1 pass
Yesterday was yesterday and the violent Typhoon. In other areas was introduced on TV a lot of damage, the damage was relatively in the above all else.
If you work in the morning when you shop around had scattered trees by the Typhoon dropped is from a clean start.
The weather today is very good in a typhoon! Bicycle rentals are also fun.
From now on, will be perfect cycling season.
We are supporting the cycling! Please come.
2017September 6 - : New autumn fruit Parfait

It is all for the fall wind.
Feel the ocean breeze in the Chita peninsula, cycling is the best!!
I also entered in September, was cycling to work. Fun to work.
Now the new menu of the month and fruit is heartily Parfait appeared.
Local reduced pesticide grapefruit is orange and Kiwi, homemade Blueberry jam and lots of special pave?Autumn meet best-of is 1.
Come enjoy this opportunity! ^ ^
2017年8月6日 : Today's lunch

My lunch staff N today's BAGEL CAFE SORARIN of desire(Solarium)Is it the bagel and
It is now on sale domestically produced grapefruit fresh-squeezed juice soda in the peninsula.
What a luxurious combination.
Us through customer service intervals is not is. with deliciousness.
I'm-I'm slowly taste... what a waste!
Solarium, you know bike stand's in there because all cyclists feel free to
It is a shop can stop.
Want to visit I would slowly wake up now! And it was today sworn in mind.
Delicious-the feast ' was. Energized from the afternoon.
2017August 5, 2008 : Hospitality tours
Hello. This is the pedal House.

In the summer, Rin Beach Rinku and ion is abuzz. Yummy peninsula software with Japanese grapefruit and fresh-squeezed juice soda, deep taste in addition to summer vacation memories!

Hospitality tour now, we have been working has become lots.

And yukata kimono

Photo 仏体 experience at the temple, etc.
Want to thank make a lot of memories of "Japan" to overseas customers, our enthusiastic staff. Of course you can enjoy visiting Japan.

Join hospitality tour guests have little souvenirs. One of them is the origami Shuriken! Origami would be to hand a long time reminds me of when I was a kid.
Such staff were origami Satan.

2It is a folded sheet of origami deer!

Staff are also masters of origami(*^^)v origami request is OK.
We come forward.
2017年5月21日 : Painting experience
Hello('-')Isuzu is the pedal House.

While the current pedal House, enjoy our new tour plans to devise a daily!
Tokoname pottery district with the fullest!
This is a course of some.

In the middle of the course's painting will experience the beckoning.
We also have experienced!
Or the first Maneki Neko white... how to decorate...

And everyone tries but the result was trial and error here!

I finished all good!
Two cats and a dog.

(^ Ω ^)... dogs?

Please make everyone take a look at original business.(*^^)v